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17 nov 2022
Hej! I would like to start to study again, as I have not completed my high school education in my home country. I would like to get a high school degree or otherwise even a course of studies that could lead me to a new job. I would like to work with nature or animals
(conservation, environment, care, etc.)
​is there something like that in English language? Or do you have anything in English language? Because I do not know Swedish so well. Thank you very much


21 nov 2022


Good to hear you want to take up your studies! If you haven't completed your high school education the first step is to do that. You need to contact Komvux where you live so they can help you with a plan. However you would have to start with Swedish to be able to complete a Swedish high school degree.

Lycka till! /Petra,SYV

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