How can I prove my knowledge from high school ?

27 apr 2022
Hello, i am a 21 y.o former medical student in Iran and am willing to continue with my studies in sweden. But when i synchronized my studies in my home country with the measures in Sweden they didn’t meet the required eligibilities; although i am 100% sure that i have way more knowledge than that(because i already studied 3 years of medical school and also i studied 7 years of high school and college in a school for gifted students), therefore i want to take exams of those subjects(high school math, physics and chemistry) and prove my knowledge and i would appreciate your help in my path. Where and how can i take those exams?


27 apr 2022


No problem! You can do tests called "prövningar" at Komvux in your municipality. Contact Komvux if you need help sorting out what courses you need to take the tests in.

Sincerely/ Petra, Career Counsellor 

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